Worksoft Certify Integration with Applitools Eyes

With Worksoft Certify® integration with Applitools Eyes, you can compare screen captures against the base line of screen captures that are stored on the Applitools server.

If you are using the Certify Mac interface to connect with a Mac® machine, you can use the Certify Applitools interface to compare screen captures taken from the Mac machine.

System Requirements

Before you integrate with Applitools Eyes, verify that your machine meets the following system requirements:

  1. API key of Applitools software
  2. Worksoft Certify v12.0.2008.x or later versions

If your application is running on a Mac machine, verify that your machine meets the following requirements:

  • macOS® v10.13 (High Sierra) or later versions
  • Mac user with local administrative privileges
  • An HDMI emulator device to support screen capture if a headless Mac


The Applitools interface is part of the Worksoft Certify installation, and a single map file named is included in the interface installation. In order to use this interface, you must import this map file into Certify application.

Using the Applitools Interface

Complete the following actions in Certify before creating a Certify process using the Applitools interface:

  • Manually create an Applitools application.
  • Create a Certify project that includes the application.
  • Import the map file from the following directory:

    C:\Program Files (x86)\Worksoft\Certify\Interface Client\Worksoft\wsTest\Applitools

Applitools Interface Actions

To compare an image on Windows system, you will use the Applitools Eyes class actions in the following order:




Establishes the connection with the Applitools server.

You must provide the following parameter values:

  • Applitools Eyes server URL
  • Applitools Eyes API key


Identifies the application name and test name on the Applitools Eyes server.

You must provide the following parameter values:

  • Application name
  • Test name

The test name must be unique within the scope of the application name.

If the specified application or test does not exist on the Applitools server, then they will be created.

Load Image

Loads image with step name.

You must provide the following parameter values:

  • Name

    The name should identify the step in the Applitools Eyes Test Manager.

  • Maximize AUT

    Specify whether Certify should maximize the application before taking a screenshot.


Compares screen capture with the corresponding screen capture on the Applitools server that is listed in the Load Image action.

To see a process example of Worksoft Certify integration with Applitools Eyes, click here.

Using Applitools Interface on Mac Machine

In order to use the Applitools interface on a Mac machine, you must include the Mac application in the project. Also, you need to use the Certify Mac System class action Connect to connect with the Mac machine.

Use the Applitools interface and Mac interface actions in the following order:


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